Dear Fellow CMGMA Members,

As the President of CMGMA I appreciate your membership and continued allegiance to your profession. I honor your commitment at being the best YOU can be even in the face of an uncertain future in healthcare.  We as leaders have many concerning factors to consider as we watch this year unfold.

I am here to tell you that CMGMA will be there every step of the way!

Yet I believe to continue to be successful in this environment it will take not only skills like the very ones we can acquire in the foundations of becoming certified through ACMPE, but it will also take "Passion" to guide us and set it all on fire.

Every one of us has a "story" of how we become who we are. Recently I had the pleasure of speaking to Jonathan Fanning. Jonathan ( is a powerful and dynamic speaker in leadership development.  His story is that he was a management consultant to Fortune 500 companies and after a traumatic car accident triggered a quest for a deeper sense of purpose. We all find ourselves there at some point in life. He prompted me to question myself and began by asking me "Who are you BECOMING?" To aid me in my journey of self-discovery he sent to me a series of discs that would help me explore that very question. Over the weeks that followed I listened attentively with new found anticipation, compelled to search within myself for the leader I realized I would have to become to overturn any obstacle that came my way. It evoked Passion in me; a sense of purpose and determination. Grateful for this enlightening experience, I encourage each of you to take the challenge and explore Who are YOU becoming? What drives us to choose the path we have chosen for our profession AND are you doing it with a sense of Passion?

It will be Passion I believe that will help carry us through this year and forward. Passion to DO the best we can. Passion to BE the best we can and to offer it to others, our loved ones and in our work. Passion makes everything we do in life worth doing and doing it well.

I am passionate about CMGMA and what it stands for.  In my New Year's newsletter I had promised that this year you would find your elected committee board members working extra diligently at bringing forth programs that really hit home.

In February we invited CSMS to host a program "The New World of MACRA" and filled our members with information and resources.

In March we hosted our very first Payers Day and invited 8 Connecticut Payers to join us in providing information and contacts we all need to keep the money coming in!  Despite the weather we had over 125 people attend this half-day session, a program we will adopt again next year.

However, what I am most excited about is our upcoming June Expo on June 16, 2017 at the Aqua Turf Club in Plantsville, CT.  It is on this day I invite YOU to ignite your own Passion!

In January at the MGMA State Leadership Conference, after listening to the Washington Update filled with heaviness, I had the awakening enjoyment of seeing Mark J. Lindquist' own PASSION in action (  Mark is a nationally recognized motivational speaker and a highly sought-after success coach among many other things and he simply exploded on stage!  He inspired a whole audience to reignite their own passion It was very moving and he ended it with an outstanding performance singing the National Anthem.  CMGMA is bringing him to YOU at the June Expo! 

Please consider joining us for a day of friendships, networking and Passion! More details will be available soon.

It is programs like these offered through your membership that help us all stay informed, connected and on fire.  Programs that bring our members top industry experts, like Kent Bottles M.D., joining us in September to speak on key healthcare topics and renowned Jennifer Cox, Esq. presenting "Healthcare Year in Review" in November.

CMGMA will be there as your trusted resource.  Spark your Passion!

Amy M. Russell, CMPE, FAADOM

President, CMGMA 2017