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President Message

Dear Colleagues,

I have been a member of CMGMA and a board member for the past several years. Keeping up with change in healthcare is certainly not easy. I rely on this organization for the information I need to ensure I am compliant with the laws and up-to-date on information.

Just in the past couple of years we added webinars so we can reach you in your offices to keep you all up-to-date. With the redesign of our website you can more easily see our programs, contact us, and view the webinars. Our listserve continues to be very active and informative. Our mentoring program is just getting off the ground. The past three years we have had Payer Day to give all of us an opportunity to meet with our respective insurance representatives. 

November’s webinar highlighted some of the ways we can make our offices more sensitive to LBGTQ patients. It was amazing and very informative, and I learned a great deal. If you missed any of our webinars, they are available on our website to members.

Some of the legislative work we have done, and plan to do, will hopefully affect all of us positively. We are focusing on legislation to affect prior authorizations and credentialing. Every year we meet with Connecticut lawmakers to push an agenda that is carefully considered. We have pushed for regulations on prior authorizations and talked with lawmakers about insurance reform, along with the State Medical Society

As I move into this new role, I can assure you we will continue to be a resource for all medical group managers. CMGMA is your organization and we encourage your timely dues payment. We look forward to our members providing us with ideas and suggestions that will help make our organization even stronger and more beneficial to you and your organizations.

Thank you for your support and dedication to CMGMA!

Jed Beaulier

Practice Administrator

Mansfield Family Practice, LLC

Storrs, Connecticut