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President Message

Dear Colleagues,

Happy New Year!  This year promises to bring with it continued changes to the health care world.  It is our goal at CMGMA to be the “Trusted Resource” where you can come to find answers to questions that will assist in your day-to-day management duties.

Our committees continue to work to bring you programs that will provide the knowledge and tools to help make you successful.  Your responses to our recent survey have guided our Board and Committees in developing programs that we feel will be beneficial, from our successful payer day, to an excel and power point workshop.  In addition, we will be offering a Human Resource program as well as the ever important cyber security.  Please don’t forget to take advantage of our Mentoring program for those of you just starting out in the field or for those of you who could use some assistance.

CMGMA is your organization we encourage your timely dues payment and renewal of our sponsors to make it possible for us to continue to serve you.  We look forward to our members providing us with ideas and suggestions that will help make our organization even stronger and more beneficial to you and your organizations.

Thank you for your support and dedication to CMGMA!


Joanne E. Law, CMPE
President, CMGMA
Practice Administrator
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