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February Webinar

Re-energizing Your Accounts Receivable

Led by the NY MGMA in collaboration with WV MGMA, DE MGMA, PA MGMA, VA MGMA and CT MGMA

Identify key areas where your organization can improve upon existing A/R policies and procedures.  This session will specifically address the 90-day collection cycle, communicating with  patients effectively by establishing reasonable arrangements including a primer on the “Art of Negotiations” by using and demonstrating how to help a willing payer and how to de-escalate from a conflict with an irate caller.  Explore the most critical areas that should be considered when choosing a third-party vendor for these services. Finally, the session will close with a questions and answer opportunity
for attendees. 

About the Speakers:

Andrew Poiliti, Simon’s Agency
Andrew brings over 35 years of experience working within the credit and collection industries. He spent 10 years in the banking industry handling the credit and collections departments as well as utilizing third-party collections working with collection agencies and collection attorneys.

He spent the last 25 years working with national collection agencies as a sales executive and trainer. He has given numerous talks in the healthcare arena over that time on such topics as accounts receivable management, hiring the right agencies, when to utilize third-party influence, making payment arrangements, and many more.

John Viggiano, Simon’s Agency
John has over eight years of experience in Marketing, Communications & Multimedia Design for Simon’s Agency and also worked for the agency during his college years as a Collections Specialist giving him a well-rounded view of debt recovery operations, and in particular, medical collections. John maintains Simon’s social media, website, blogs and newsletters, often contributing content to each and provides design, branding and marketing work as part of his regular duties as a marketing and design professional.

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