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JUNE EXPO  |  June 15, 2018


Matt Havens                     Click here to watch Matt’s video!  (password: matt)

Engaging. Hilarious. Unique. These are just a few of the words that Matt uses to describe himself. Fortunately, others seem to agree. For the past decade, Matt has been at the forefront of generational issues, working in various leadership roles at a Fortune 50 company in areas as diverse as marketing, employeeretention, and management. Because of this expertise, Matt created his new keynote presentation on generational issues in the workplace, Stop Acting Your Age!


Keynote Presentations:

Stop Acting Your Age!

If you’ve listened to any other discussion about generational issues at work, then you’ve undoubtedly been told there are four distinct generations operating side-by-side in today’s working world. You’ve then been told the differences between those four generations, and then you’ve been told (although probably not in these exact words) that you need to just deal with all these different people, because they’re not going away and they’re not going to change how they operate. If that advice suits you, fantastic. However, if you’ve ever been frustrated by how impossible it seems to employ four different strategies to manage four distinct generations, and if you’ve ever felt like you’re the only one who’s being asked to make any changes, then Stop Acting Your Age! is exactly what you need. Because it turns out that there really aren’t four generations.

You’re Not an Acronym: A Practical Approach to Leadership

If you’ve been a leader for a while or are being groomed to become one, then you’ve probably taken your fair share of personality tests. Perhaps you know your Woo strength, or maybe you’ve recently discovered that you’re a purple triangle when you’re stressed. If this kind of information is all you need in order to be the kind of leader your people are excited to follow, then you probably don’t need to keep reading this. But if you’ve ever suspected that leadership may be about more than just you, then You’re Not an Acronym is the kind of leadership presentation you’ll truly appreciate.

Aqua Turf Club, Plantsville, CT


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September 14,  2018  |  September Educational Program 


Kathy Mueller, MD  |   Wellness at Work

Maureen Dinnan  |  HAVEN Presentation


November 16,  2018  |  Annual Meeting and November Educational Program 


Jennifer Cox, Esq.   |  Healthcare Year in Review

Water’s Edge, Westbrook, CT


Past Programs

Rosemarie Nelson  |  March 23, 2018

Maximize Patient Access and Engage Patients

Use all your tools to maximize patient access. The mobile phone is already in your patients’ hand; are you taking advantage of that? Learn best practices for enrolling patients in your portal. The session will provide tips and tricks from lessons learned in the field to give you a web site that patients go to before picking up the telephone.

Staffing Models and Utilization for the Future

Learn what roles are necessary for expanded access to patient care. As the market transitions to value-based care, the practice will need to identify new activities staff must adopt for the new models of care. The session will discuss steps to evaluate and transition staff into new roles.


Golf Committee Chair Bill Wollman and Michael Koff present a donation to Justin Farrands of the Hole in the Wall Gang Camp at the November Annual Meeting and Healthcare Year in Review with Jennifer Cox, Esq.

Payer Day | Friday, February 23, 2018

A special Thank You to the following Payers that participated at this very popular event!  Click on the links for more information.


The New World of MACRA |   Friday, February 3, 2017

MACRA handouts provided by CSMS, click here to select a PDF.    Additional free resources for your practice, can be found here.  2/3/2017

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